BSR: Crimean wine-makers get new development strategy

A development strategy for wine-growing and wine-making in Crimea has been worked out and is waiting for approval, said Boris Titov, the President’s representative for the protection of entrepreneurs’ rights, in an interview at its office in Crimea.


Poland: Cider, new national drink in Poland

Since the Russian embargo on European agricultural products, the consumption of apples and cider becomes a patriotic duty in Poland.


EU: EU to help dairy sector hit by Russian food import ban

The European Union has proposed emergency measures to help dairy producers affected by a Russian ban on Western food imports. It comes after similar support was pledged for fruit and vegetable growers.


BSR: Uzbek businessmen discuss possible supplies of agricultural products, cotton to Tyumen

Representative of a Uzbekistan's foreign trade company, Uzinterimpex, Ulugbek Teshabayev met with members of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Tyumen region of Russia.


EU: EU to help dairy producers hit by Russian sanctions


The European Commission will offer emergency help for dairy producers hit by Russia's ban on EU food.


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