EU: Food safety MEPs call for country of origin labelling of meat in processed foods

Meat used as an ingredient in processed foods, such as lasagne, should be labelled by country of origin as is already the case for bovine fresh meat, said Environment, Public Health and Food Safety Committee MEPs on Wednesday. They call on the European Commission, which published a report on the issue in late 2013, to come up with legislative proposals in order to rebuild consumer confidence in the wake of the horsemeat scandal and other food fraud cases.


BSR: Russia bans Ukrainian salt imports

Russian food safety agency Rospotrebnadzor banned as of Monday imports of Ukrainian salt produced by Artemsol state enterprise citing presence of prohibited ingredients in the product, the agency said on its website.


BSR: Russian economic problems affect Belarus

Russian economic problems affect Belarus, therefore this year will also be heavy for it. Devaluation of Russian ruble influences Belarusian currency which is dependent on exchange rate in neighbor country. 


EU: GMO cultivation in the EU - Official statements after MEPs vote

On Tuesday MEPs vote on a proposal to amend current legislation to give member states the freedom to restrict or prohibit the growth of GMOs on environmental grounds other than risks to health and the environment as assessed by EFSA.


Ukraine:Mostly "good" Ukrainian winter crops after big export year

Crop production and exports from Ukraine increased last year and present winter crop progress is good, reports the Ministry of Agriculture Policy and Food.


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