BSR: Moldova increases export volumes of apples to Belorussia


Due to embargo on fruits export to Russia, Moldova has significantly increased export volumes of apples to Belorussian fruit market. According to the agricultural specialists, amount of Moldavian apples exported to Belorussia has rocketed up to unexpected figures within last months.


Kazakhstan: Kazakhstan harvests about 60% of grain

Kazakhstan harvested about 60 percent of the crop, said the executive secretary of the Ministry of Agriculture Arman Evniev Sept.23 at a briefing in the office of the Central Communications.


Russia: Lemons prices rocket in Russia

At the current moment, prices for lemons soar in fruit market of Russia. According to the latest data, lemons costs have 3 times exceeded previous period figures this week. Local market analysts attribute sudden price knock to decrease of lemons production in Argentina and RSA due to unfavorable weather conditions.


Bulgaria: Billionaire from Dubai eyes Bulgaria for mega-cow farm

A billionaire from Dubai wants to invest in the construction of a modern dairy farm for 3,000 animals in the village of Garmen Oreshe. The businessman is already holding a similar facility in the Austrian city of Salzburg, which is the largest in Austria for the production of milk, butter and meat.


CIS: CIS to expand cooperation with FAO

The CIS Executive Committee and the Regional Office for Europe and Central Asia of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations plan to expand cooperation. The matter was discussed at the meeting of First Deputy Chairman of the Executive Committee, CIS Executive Secretary Vladimir Garkun with FAO's Assistant Director General and Regional Representative for Europe and Central Asia Vladimir Rakhmanin, reported the press service of the CIS Executive Committee.


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