EU: European Commission proposes extension to storage aid scheme for dairy products

A proposal to extend private storage aid (PSA) for butter and SMP will be voted on next week by the European Commission.

It says PSA was initially opened for butter, SMP and certain cheeses on 5 September 2014, to alleviate some of the pressure on the market created by the Russian ban on dairy products from the EU.


BSR: Russia refuses Turkish citrus

According to information gathered by the head of the Federal Service of Russian Quarantine and Phytosanitary Protection, a loading mandarins from Turkey was referred to the recipient due to the presence of the Mediterranean fruit fly , insect pest that is on the list of insects banned in Russia.


EU: EU proposes $380 billion investment plan

The European Union's executive is proposing a 315-billion euro ($380 billion) investment plan to boost the bloc's flagging economy, a scheme whose success will depend on leveraging 21 billion euros in guarantees and seed money to attract private funds.


Moldova: Israel will provide 300 thousand euros for the creation of bimolecular laboratory for the detection of genetically modified organisms in Moldova

It is provided by the Memorandum of understanding between the Moldovan Center of quarantine, recognition, and arbitration expertise and disinfection products (MASHAV) and the International Cooperation Agency for the development of Israel regarding the implementation of the joint Moldovan-Israel project of cooperation in agriculture.


BSR: Ban on sale of some Russian vodka and beer brands in Kazakhstan lifted

Russia's food watchdog Rospotrebnadzor announced the Kazakh side has lifted the earlier imposed ban on sale of a number of Russian vodka and beer products on the territory of the Central Asian country.


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