EU: The end of quotas frees efficient European dairy farms to expand

Chines mothers are feeding their infants more milk-based formula. Aspiring Russians have grown addicted to decadent foreign cheeses. In most emerging markets the consumption of dairy products is growing. So it looks like the perfect time for one of the world’s biggest dairy-farming regions to throw off its shackles. Next month the European Union is due to abolish its national quotas on milk production, allowing those big dairy producers being held back by their limits—including Germany, the Netherlands, Poland, Denmark and Ireland—to expand output and seek new export markets.


Turkey: Red Meat Production Statistics, IV. Quarter, October-December, 2014

Total red meat production was estimated as 402 335 tons in the 4th period. While red meat production during the Kurban Festival period increased by 98.7% according to the previous period, it increased by 9.3% when compared with the same period of last year.


Bulgaria: Kuwait bans live birds, eggs imports from Bulgaria over flu suggestions

Kuwait has imposed a provisional embargo on the imports of live birds and eggs from Bulgaria.


BSR: Central Asia grain markets - Russia and Kazakhstan redirecting export

It is known that already in the first century AD during the Roman period the satiric poet Juvenal coined the Latin phrase Panem et circenses (”bread and circuses”) to describe in a cynical way a political strategy to keep the well-being of population and peace through food and entertainments (games). With Central Asia well known for developing its own geo-political games, the region’s role as a semi-global grain hub is sharply on the increase due to the decline of the Black Sea as a major trade centre. The region is surrounded by grain-hungry states such as China, most of Indo-China, India, Pakistan, and Iran. This abundance of market opportunities increases the chances of the regional agro-business to attract investments. This is by and large being done in Russia and Ukraine – but not in Kazakhstan.


Russia: Russia still looking at big wheat exports

Despite Russia’s recently introduced restrictions on wheat exports for the remainder of the 2014/15 season, the country is still heading towards higher wheat exports than last season. Russian agricultural consultancy SovEcon has indicated that it expects full season wheat exports to reach over 21Mt in 2014/15, compared with 18.3Mt last season and a near record.


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