Russia: Russia refuses to change customs duties for fruits and vegetables

Despite dramatic price knock within local market of Russia this month, Ministry of agriculture will not decrease customs duties for fruits and vegetables.


BSR: Agricultural cooperation between Ukraine and Uzbekistan should expand - Pavlenko

Ukraine and Uzbekistan are interested in expanding their cooperation and boosting turnover of agricultural products. For this purpose it is necessary to intensify business communications between agribusinesses in both countries.


BSR: Ban on import of products from Russia to Kazakhstan won't take place - Rospotrebnadzor

Ban on import of Russian products to Kazakhstan is not on the agenda, Head of Rospotrebnadzor Anna Popova told Russian media after the IV Meeting of the Heads of Sanitary Inspection Agencies of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization member states.


Russia: Ros Agro profits from Russia’s economic woes

Shares in Ros Agro jumped after the Russian grains-to-sugar group revealed it had been a winner from economic and political unrest – with the country’s sanctions and currency collapse driving its earnings to a record high.


Ukraine: As of April 1, Ukraine planted spring crops throughout 1.7 mln ha – State Statistics Service

As of April 1, 2015, Ukraine planted spring crops throughout the areas of 1.715 mln ha, or only 64.4% of the last year index on the same date, declared the State Statistics Service of Ukraine on April 10.


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